Meet Jessica Carew Kraft


I recently became a California Certified Naturalist through the Mount Diablo Region program at the Lindsay Wildlife Center in 2017.


As a journalist, I'm currently writing about rewilding, which is how human culture can be brought back into balance with our evolutionary habits and environments. More writing available here. 

I previously pursued research in human ecology and sustainability while a graduate student in anthropology at Yale University and the Univesity of London. I have a certification in permaculture design and have taught college courses in sustainable design, urban agriculture and anthropology. I'm also a mom to two nature-loving girls, ages 6 and 9.


I'm looking forward to teaching the next California Naturalist course at Lindsay Wildlife Center in fall 2019, after teaching a wonderful cohort in 2018. Join us! 

"Nature offers unceasingly the most novel and fascinating objects for learning."
Alexander von Humboldt

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